Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The students are sending messages of love to fallen Soldiers

Around 2,000 wooden crosses bearing wires from school learners over the nation will be put on the graves of Australian officers around the globe. 

The Australian War Memorial today stuffed up the little crosses enhanced with the learners' notes and a lone red poppy, to be transported to what was the Western Front throughout World War I. 

The crosses will be put on the graves of Australian warriors throughout 2013's Anzac Day services. 

Remembrance Director Dr Brendan Nelson states today's understudies are more captivated with history than numerous grown-ups give them acknowledgement for. 

"I suspect in the mature person planet we could be excused for feeling that little individuals aren't thinking as profoundly as we'd like them to," he stated. 

"At the same time you've just got to face the memos composed on the aforementioned crosses to acknowledge that time of this country is in exceptionally great hands. 

"Everything I can state is to the educators of, and positively folks of the very nearly 2,000 school scholars who've composed the aforementioned wires on the aforementioned crosses, you could be colossally glad for them, in light of the fact that I absolutely am." 

Adam - Hartwell Primary School
I feel very sad you lost your life and I wonder what you could have been.
Zoe - Campbell High School
There are no words that can describe what you did for us except thank you.
Aiden - Campbell High School
Thank you for all you have done for your country and family. Long dead, never forgotten.
Locke - Scotch College
Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us so that our country would be safe and a better quiet world.
James - Scotch College
Courage, bravery, strength. These are all aspects of soldiers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Sienna - AB Paterson College
Thank you for your courage and bravery. You lost your life for your country. We will never forget: we will always remember.


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