Saturday, 23 March 2013

                Emma Watson on '50 Shades'

While we hold up to catch who will star in the adjustment of E.L. James' steamy blockbuster, "Fifty Shades of Grey," it appears Emma Watson has taken herself out of the running.

After bits of hearsay held on final Friday that the 22-year-old earlier "Harry Potter" star is connected to the activity, the character posted a tweet this day that appeared to be to negate the tattle.

"Who here really thinks I might do '50 Shades of Grey as a film?'" she composed. "Like truly. For legitimate. In true life."

The bits of gossip were so tenacious a week ago in view of an Internet aggregation's accounted for hacking of a German film studio, as per the Hollywood Reporter. The studio affirmed the hack, however stated that the archives entered were "out of date and extensively approachable" to the association's workers.

Watson, in the mean time, teased her fans on Saturday by catching up her prior tweet with only an inquiry check. She then basically finished up, "Good. Well that is ... sorted then."

While her comments could effectively be perused as a diss against the picture, the performing artist didn't expressly state she's not included with the venture, so who knows.

What do you suppose -did Watson close down the bits of hearsay, or is it accurate to say that she is doing a goad-and-switch?


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