Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Samaritan jumps on Philly tracks to rescue man who fell

Travel police in Philadelphia are calling a nearby man a courageous person for hopping onto tram tracks to help a man who tumbled off the stage. 

Thirty-two-year-old Christopher Knafelc was holding up for a train in north Philadelphia on Thursday evening when he saw a man stroll off the stage and succumb to the tracks. He hopped onto the tracks to help the 63-year-old man, realizing that a different prepare might be landing shortly. 

He held the man's head and neck stable until firefighters arrived. Train activity was ended. 

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III states Knafelc is a victor. Knafelc devised a workable plan to tell SEPTA, which ended the trains along the southbound line so the man could be recovered. 

Nestel states agents don't have a clue what brought on the man to succumb to the tracks. He was taken to a clinic and recorded in stable condition. 

Knafelc was in Philadelphia range during that timeframe to visit Temple University. He stated he has a specific end goal, which is to one day revisit restorative school, Fox subsidiary WTXF reported. 


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