Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Anderson Cooper may replace Matt Lauer on 'Today' show, reports say

Could Anderson Cooper be the following front side of the "Today" show? 

Another report from asserts Cooper is being thought about to trade Matt Lauer on the battling morning show. 

Deadline reported NBC execs have as of recently connected with Cooper to talk about the probability. The report cases once Lauer got wind of the thought he was extremely unhappy. 

Sources, then again, told TMZ the inverse, stating Lauer is energetic about Cooper venturing into supplant him. The "Today" star has allegedly arranged a gathering with Cooper to talk about the plausible move. 

Besides an enormous change for the show may not be an awful thought. 

Throughout its upfront presentation in New York previous this month, "Today" stays Lauer and Savannah Guthrie tended to the slew of negative reputation that has accompanied them as of late. 

"I might want to handle a teeny white elephant in the room… We scorn being in the news," Lauer stated. "We need to retreat to being the most-viewed morning project – and minimum discussed morning system." 

Lauer's blurring fan base and endeavors to change his open picture have been day by day grain in the media following the time when Ann Curry was unceremoniously cut out as his co-grapple last June. 

As of late, he tended to the issue in a meeting with Daily Beast, in which it was disclosed that at one focus a year ago he offered to leave the show if NBC thought it might support appraisals. 

Executives told The Daily Beast they wouldn't need Lauer to leave, in any case a later New York Magazine article disclosed the system has a reinforcement arrangement prepared might as well Lauer choose to end his run on "Today." 

Lauer is likewise purportedly being thought about as a potential swap for "Jeopardy" have Alex Trebek assuming that he steps down in 2016. 

Reps for Cooper's show, "Anderson Cooper 360," and the "Today" show did not quickly give back solicit for remark. 


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