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                        Who really killed bin Laden?

In February, Esquire magazine circulated an extensive profile of "The Man Who Killed Osama receptacle Laden." The story did not recognize the executioner by his true name, implying him just as "the Shooter." 

The Shooter told Esquire that the night canister Laden was murdered he had experienced al Qaeda's pioneer up close and personal-in the top-ground bunk of the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where canister Laden had been covering up for more than five years. 

The Shooter demonstrated that when he discovered receptacle Laden in his bunk the al Qaeda guide was standing up and had a firearm "inside compass" and it was at exactly that point that the Shooter shot the two shots into container Laden's temple that executed him. That record was in clash with the record from a different assault member in a fiercely fruitful book "No Easy Day." 

Right away, a different part of the shrouded SEAL Team 6, which executed the canister Laden attack, tells CNN the story of the Shooter as exhibited in Esquire is false. As per this serving SEAL Team 6 driver, the story is "lacking nothing B-S." 

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SEAL Team 6 specialists are currently in "genuine lockdown" in terms of "chatting with anyone" about the container Laden attack and state they have been disappointed to see what they think about to be the off base story in Esquire accept respectable play without a reaction. Phil Bronstein, who composed the 15,000-word piece about the Shooter for Esquire, was busy on CNN, Fox and numerous other TV organizes after his story turned out out. 

Twenty-three SEALs and their translator ambushed the container Laden compound simply after midnight on the morning of May 2, 2011. They shot and murdered canister Laden's two bodyguards, one of receptacle Laden's offspring and the wife of one of the bodyguards and they likewise wounded two other ladies. 

The predominant three SEALs to make it to the top ground of receptacle Laden's compound where he was accepted to be existing were "the go-to person," "the Shooter" profiled by Esquire, and Matt Bissonette, the SEAL who composed "No Easy Day" under the alias Owen. 

What truly happened the night of the attack, consistent with the SEAL Team 6 driver who I talked with, is that the "go-to person" ran up the stairs to the top deck and shot container Laden in the head when he saw what looked like container Laden jabbing his take off his pad entryway. The shot gravely wounded al Qaeda's guide. 

Having brought down container Laden, the go-to person continued to hurry two ladies he discovered in container Laden's room, assembling them in his arms to assimilate the eruption in the event that they were wearing suicide vests, something that was a legitimate concern of the aforementioned who arranged the strike. 

'Bad dream' at home for SEAL who shot Osama canister Laden 

Two more SEALs then dropped in canister Laden's pad and, seeing that al Qaeda's pioneer was lying mortally wounded on the deck, fulfilled him off with shots to the midsection. 

This record of canister Laden's downfall is respectably less courageous than how the Shooter is displayed in Esquire, in which he states he shot canister Laden while he was standing up and just after he saw that al Qaeda's pioneer had a weapon inside scope. 

The SEAL Team 6 admin who addresses me states it is extremely unlikely the Shooter could have viewed a firearm in canister Laden's arrive at on the grounds that the two weapons that were discovered in container Laden's pad after al Qaeda's pioneer was slaughtered were just discovered after a careful hunt of the room and were sitting on a heightened retire above the casing of the entryway that opened to canister Laden's pad. 

SEAL authority refutes 'Shooter' claim 

The SEAL specialist moreover focuses out there was a dialogue soon after the attack in which the strike group was told "don't shoot the gentleman [bin Laden] in the front side unless you need to" on the grounds that the CIA might need to investigate great pictures of receptacle Laden's face for its facial distinguishment masters to work viably. Yet the Shooter in the Esquire story states he shot container Laden intentionally twice in the brow. 

An U.S. official acquainted with the parts of the attack stated what the SEAL Team 6 specialist let me know about how Bin Laden was murdered is in accordance with what happened, and that record "has it right in my perspective." 

Watch workstation activity of the diverse records 

The SEAL Team 6 specialist moreover tells CNN that the Shooter was "flung off" of Red Squadron, the center of the SEAL Team 6 aggregation that completed the container Laden strike, since he was gloating about his part in the attack in bars around Virginia Beach, Virginia, where SEAL Team 6 is based. In the Esquire article, the Shooter whimpers he is getting no annuity, since he left the military four years after the least 20 needed to be worthy. 

CNN talked with Bronstein, the Esquire author, who states he passed on CNN's composed inquiries concerning the Shooter's part in the container Laden strike to his story's prevailing character. The Shooter has not reacted to those inquiries and Bronstein declined to be questioned on-the-record for this story. 

Stephanie Tuck, an agent for Esquire, stated through message, "The Esquire article, 'The Shooter: The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden,' in the March 2013 issue, is dependent upon qualified information from various sources, incorporating parts of SEAL Team 6 and the Shooter himself, and additionally itemized depictions of mission questions. We stand by our story." 

2011: SEALs who slaughtered receptacle Laden concerned for their wellbeing 

As per display and previous parts of SEAL Team 6, the "go-to person" who shot the shot that reasonable mortally wounded container Laden will never "in a million years" talk freely about his part in the attack. All praise the go-to person for his valiant choice to hurl himself on the two ladies in canister Laden's room. 

The new record of the night of the canister Laden strike gave by the serving SEAL Team 6 admin is basically the same as in Bissonnette's "No Easy Day." Bissonnette states he was one of the first to run into container Laden's pad and he saw that the go-to person's shots had mortally wounded canister Laden, and Bissonette then shot the ceasing to exist al Qaeda guide as he lay on the deck. 

Present and preceding parts of SEAL Team 6 state they see Bissonnette as more dependable than the Shooter. 

In a past anecdote about the Esquire profile, I noted that I was the main outside eyewitness permitted to tour canister Laden's Abbottabad compound before it was obliterated in late February 2012. 

Throughout that tour I looked around the bunk where container Laden was slaughtered. The Pakistani military officers who were controlling me sharp out a patch of dim, dried guilt on the flat roof of container Laden's room. This patch of hardened blood appears to be reliable with the Shooter's story that he discharged two shots at the temple of a "shockingly tall terrorist" while he was standing up. Around then, the exact area of canister Laden when he was shot was not a matter of debate. 

In any case the blood patch could additionally be unvarying with the record that it was the "go-to person" who first shot receptacle Laden. The go-to person is 5 feet 6 inches tall and was shooting upward at a tall man as he jabbed his take off of his pad. 

2011: Obama meets receptacle Laden bandits, guarantees triumph over al Qaeda 

The compound is, obviously, now gone, so it is no longer conceivable to recreate what happened the night of the attack dependent upon criminological proof, granted that it is conceivable the Abbottabad Commission, a board that was selected by the Pakistani administration to research the assault, could shed some light on this inquiry would it be a good idea for it to discoveries ever be openly discharged. 

At long last, all in all, it was a confounding scenario the night of the receptacle Laden assault in Abbottabad. One of the SEAL group's helicopters had slammed and there was then a firefight with one of container Laden bodyguards. Every last trace of the power in the canister Laden compound and for sure the encompassing neighborhood was off on a moonless night and the SEALs were all wearing night vision goggles that a 


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