Thursday, 28 March 2013

                Ryan Gosling Helpline for Devastated Fans

Missing Ryan Gosling on the extra large screen as of recently? No alarm, there is a helpline where you can catch his attractive voice each day. 

The hunky performing artist proclaimed a week ago that he was enjoying a reprieve from acting and Blinkbox, a British online film and TV streaming website, has set up a helpline for those fans discouraged about his passageway. 

"To help support Ryan Gosling fans agitated by the news he is enjoying a reprieve from acting we've set up #TheGosline," the association tweeted from their official Twitter record. 

At the time you call the line, you catch Gosling's renowned worldwide talk from "The Notebook:" "So its not setting off to be straightforward. It's setting off to be truly hard; we're setting off to need to work at this regular, yet I need to do that since I need you. I need every last one of you, eternity. You and me, commonplace." 

No saying yet on the "Drive" performing artist's musings on the line. A delegate for Gosling didn't quickly react to ask for remark. 

Gosling may not be taking off his shirt on the wide screen for for a little while however meanwhile, fans can find comfort in "The Gosline." 


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