Saturday, 23 March 2013

           Tess Daly: It was awful seeing beautiful young models slowly killing themselves by not eating

Tess Daly has discussed her repulsiveness at seeing lovely youthful models going down a way of self-annihilation.

When getting a TV presenter, Tess had a fruitful modelling profession yet she was stunned by the medication-taking propensities of different young ladies in the industry.

'I recollect seeing supermodels as an inseparable unit-heading to the toilets constantly,' states Tess, 43.

'There were events, too, when I might go out to clubs and the models offered me sedates. I saw a great deal of it.

'I was never lured to experience the bathroom entryway and do it. It wasn't what I was about and depending on if I did, I knew it was a rough way and might close in tears.'

The Strictly Come Dancing host, who is wedded to TV presenter Vernon Kay, was especially disheartened by the pervasiveness of consuming disarranges.

'I had several flatmates who barely basically wouldn't consume and I had never run into that soon after,' the mum-of-two tells the Daily Mirror.

'It was immensely irritating to witness somebody crushing themselves and not having the ability to alter their opinion. I felt so defenseless.

'They were just the aforementioned reasonable, delightful, sensible, savvy young ladies however they simply wouldn't consume. It simply didn't bode well as they were tediously murdering themselves.'


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