Thursday, 28 March 2013

      Woman Arrested in Killing of Colorado Prisons Chief

Colorado police have captured a lady who professedly purchased the weapon that was utilized to murder Colorado penitentiaries head Tom Clements, authorities stated. 

Stevie Marie Vigil of Commerce City, Colo., was accused of illicitly exchanging a weapon she purchased to Evan Ebel, the primary suspect in Clements' kill. Ebel ceased to exist a week ago in a shootout with Texas cops. 

Vigil, 22, exchanged the weapon to Ebel in right on time March, consistent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. 

Ebel, 28, was on parole from Colorado penitentiaries and was not legitimately permitted to buy a weapon. He is accepted to have utilized the weapon to kill Clements on Tuesday, March 19, at Clements' home in Colorado. 

Ebel was then pulled over by Texas powers two days after the fact and occupied with a fast-pursue and weapon combat with them. He was shot and burned out later at a clinic. 

The CBI might not state how Ebel and Vigil knew one another. Records connected with her case have been fixed under court request. 

Law requirement sources told that they are examining if Clements' passing was coordinated by parts of Ebel's white supremacist jail posse, 211 Crew. They are still attempting to verify if others were included in Clements' demise. 


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