Thursday, 4 April 2013

Chelsea Handler, Conan O'Brien Get Naked and Fight in the Shower

Who knew Conan O'Brien was concealing that buff form under each one of the aforementioned suits? On Wednesday, April 3, the TBS late-night emotional disposition demonstrated off his incredibly toned middle when he snuck up on associate late-night host Chelsea Handler in the shower --part of a portrayal for the comedienne's E! System show, Chelsea Lately. Handler, 38, was only going to foam up when a bare O'Brien, 49, seemed beside her and started to start a ruckus. 

"Gee golly, not once more!" Handler mourned, suggesting her past shower meeting with a bare Sandra Bullock. "How do individuals continue getting in here?" 

"This is my studio. You took it, recall? I still have the nexus. In addition, this is the best water force in Hollywood," O'Brien answered with a clue of false outrage. 

The hosts --both still stripped --then continued to contend over who was additionally meriting of the studio and its elegant carport, which is "four crawls more extensive" than O'Brien's carport at his new studio. He moreover blamed her for taking and utilizing his precious back massager. 

"I do utilize that back massager," Handler terminated back, including lustfully, "Although I had no clue it was for my back." 

"Just be a man," O'Brien confronted her. "Accede what you've done." 

"I am not a man!" Handler shouted. "Everyone realizes that I am the first lady in late night." 

"No, that was Joan Rivers," O'Brien amended her. To which Handler answered, "Have you investigated her as of late?" 

The hilarious war of words continued to escalate into an actual physical fight, with Handler slapping O'Brien around and yelling at him to hit her. By the end of the sketch, both stars had (fake) black eyes.

"I feel fantastic!" O'Brien said afterward.

"Good for you, you surprisingly sexy son of a bitch," Handler quipped. "Now soap me up!"


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