Sunday, 14 April 2013

          Blue Jays' Jose Reyes likely out until All-Star break

Rock n' roller shortstop Jose Reyes probable will be sidelined until the All-Star break due to an intensely sprained left ankle. 

Ten recreations into his Toronto Blue Jays vocation, Reyes was harmed throughout a cumbersome slide into a respectable halfway point throughout Friday night's 8-4 score over the Kansas City Royals. 

"It is disillusioning. I cherish baseball so far," Reyes stated. "I want to be with my partners on the field and assisting my ballclub. Right away I know I'm not setting off to be there for a little while. It's sort of frustrating for me. I've been through certain damages in my lifework. I don't prefer that. Wounds are part of the diversion and I need to manage it." 

Reyes, a four-time All-Star, was hauled away the field Friday and set on the 15-day impaired record Saturday. 

"A MRI returned, no break, yet its an extreme sprain," Blue Jays general boss Alex Anthopoulos stated. "At this time, it would appear that it will be three months, and that is only coming to the heart of the matter that return in a major alliance amusement. It could be six to eight week of rest and recovery." 

Reyes, procured from Miami throughout the off-time of year after one season with the Marlins, is hitting .395 and headed the major alliances with five taken bases. He was on props in the Blue Jays clubhouse. 

"We'll sit tight for swelling to subside, and presumably in five to six days get another MRI simply to determine there isn't anything they missed," Anthopoulos stated. "The most amazing thing is there is heading off to be no surgery as of right now. The following MRI will affirm the sum of that. We're not by any means out of the woods quite, however again off of what the specialists have stated, they feel pretty certain they have a really exceptional perused on it." 

Intense damage 

Reyes knew almost immediately that the damage most likely was intense. 

"I caught something pop in my ankle. I know from the starting that I did something that is not in the thick of it," he stated. "I was in torment almost immediately. It's sort of disillusioning since I don't have even an inkling how that happens so quick. I need to manage this one more time. The same thing happened in 2003 in New York." 

Reyes stated he was so close it would have been impossible the base when he began his slide on the taken base. 

"At the time I gazed toward see the base, the base was right by me," Reyes stated. Around then, I didn't recognize what to do. I attempted to go feet first. I never go feet first. At the time I take, I dependably go feet quick. Everything happened so brisk. 

Toronto chose the contract of shortstop Munenori Kawasaki from Triple-A Buffalo. Kawasaki, down to bat ninth Saturday against the Royals, hit .192 in 61 recreations keep going season with Seattle. 

"I figure there is dependably the potential assuming that he plays well he could be here a tiny bit longer," Anthopoulos stated. "The consideration is it will be short-term. We're still setting off to be animated conversing with different groups, seeing who else we can acquire. We don't need to, yet we've discussed it." 

Anyway there are points of confinement to what he's eager to do. 

"We're not setting off to be following a bleeding edge fellow, knowing at this time we want Jose will be back at some point around the All-Star break," Anthopoulos stated. "We're not setting off to be following somebody that is on a lifelong bargain or previous All-Star, that is likely not heading off to happen in particular knowing we're setting off to give the work right back to Jose." 


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