Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fergie Talks Cravings, Knows Baby's Sex: "Me and My Baby Are on Top of the World!

Fergie ain't easing off, even with her and Josh Duhamel's toddler ready! 

The pregnant artist hit the Logo NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood today evening time looking as wild as ever. 

So does the 38-year-old mother to-be know the sex of her toddler to be? 

"Goodness, I know nectar!" Fergie let us know on celebrity lane before professing to shut a zipper over her mouth. She too played demure when inquired as to selecting names. 

With respect to pregnancy cravings, Fergie dished, "Fruit has gotten an staple where is wasn't heretofore. It's mangos, papayas, anything truly succulent and sweet." 

The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman, who stated she's going into her settling period, states Duhamel has been in the thick of it for her throughout the pregnancy. "He's been astonishing," she stated. "He so excellent and magnificent. He sings and converses with my tummy constantly. He's exceptionally complimentary. I'm exceptionally lucky that he's truly exceptional to me." 

Concerning how her hubby will be as a father, Fergie told news people, "He's heading off to be an stunning father. He's got characteristic parenting natures. And he needed to thump me up on our first date." 

Throughout today evening time's recompenses, Fergie gained the "Always Next, Forever Now" honor. She dished to us of the respect, "Are you joking me? I'm so favored. I'm on highest point of the planet. Me and my child are on highest point of the planet." 


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