Sunday, 14 April 2013

Teddy Bear Sex Scandal: Man Arrested for Fourth Time After Masturbating With Stuffed Animal

28-year-old Charles Marshall was captured. His wrongdoing: adoring a teddy bear excessively. 

Additionally, all the more precisely, obscene conduct. For the fourth time in two years, Marshall has been accused of open indecency/disorderly direct with a teddy bear. In this occurrence, workers at a health center discovered the man stroking off with his bear in the back street. 

His past law violations incorporate jerking off with the teddy bear in an open library bathroom (February 2010), "stroking off w/a squishy toy (teddy bear)" (November 2010), and "jerking off utilizing a teddy bear within an open place where minors were prone to be available" (August 2011). 

Marshall's teddy bear has not been accused of any wrongdoing. 


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