Thursday, 18 April 2013

               Jen: I'm 'Constantly Scared' of Fiance's Pranks 

April 18, 2013

Justin Theroux knows how to keep Jennifer Aniston on her toes! The performer uncovers that her life partner is an incredible prankster around their house.

"Actually, he calls it guile," Aniston, 44, told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday's show. "In any case he's always stowing away behind window hangings. And I'm unvaryingly alarmed. It's as it doesn't get old on me."

Aniston, be that as it may, isn't as exceptional at spooking as her playmate Theroux, 41. She endeavored to sneak up on Ellen which didn't go well. "It was as though you were running from an arachnid. ...Have you not ever panicked anybody soon after?" the talk show emcee clowned. "Don't you get a kick out of the chance to startle? Don't you cover up at what point Justin gets back?"

At the time she wasn't terrifying the host, Aniston answered inquiries observing bits of hearsay that there is a Friends gathering impending soon. Not so much beyond any doubt where this report claimed roots in, the performer clowned, "Well, you're listening to it here initially, as am I."

Aniston included, "Did Matthew Perry begin that? On the grounds that he's been getting some exceptional broadcast appointment on this show. I've been viewing."


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