Thursday, 11 April 2013

Charlie Sheen jokes that Lindsay Lohan held his show 'hostage'

He had some different expressions for the harried character, too, however he abstained from tossing her completely under the transport. 

Talking about Lohan's visitor turn on his FX arrangement, "Anger Management," Sheen stated Lohan appeared on time the first day, knew her lines and was "breathtaking." 

At that point, he told Leno, "we needed to manage Day Two." 

Stated Sheen, "It was as if she had us held prisoner." Lohan wasn't feeling admirably, experiencing an ear contamination, and was late. He stated the show worked around her, and she was fine and expert when she beyond any doubt arrived. 

With respect to the bits of gossip that Lohan took props or garments from the set, Sheen stated she "obtained" things, and then had the expense of the things deducted from her check. 


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