Friday, 12 April 2013

White House Responds to Jay-Z's "Open Letter" Lyrics That Suggest Barack Obama Gave Clearance for Cuba Trip

So was it truly President Barack Obama who gave Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© freedom for their excursion to Cuba? 

Hov discharged a track titled "Open Letter," which cocked certain eyebrows when he rapped "kid from the hood yet got White House freedom," and recommended that the president might've been concerned with his outing to Havana, likewise stating, "Obama stated chill, you gonna get me impeached/You don't need this s--t in any case, chill with me on the beach" 

That being said, White House press secretary Jay Carney let any inquiries worried that scenario go throughout a public interview today. 

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"I conjecture nothing rhymes with 'Treasury,'" he clowned. "Since Treasury offers and gives licenses for voyage as you know, and the White House has nothing to do with it." 

And when a journalist needed to clear up that Jay totally did not have discourses with Obama about clearing his outing to Havana, Carney stated, "I am completely stating that the White House, from the president on down, had nothing to do with anyone's set out to Cuba. That is something the Treasury handles. OFAC, Treasury, the aforementioned are strong statements to rhyme. 

"It's a tune, Donovan," he included, "the president did not correspond with Jay-Z over this excursion." 

Anyhow it unmistakably would've been simple for the rapper to hit up his BFF, in light of the fact that wouldn't it be great if we could not disregard, he raps in "Onto the Next One," he's got "Obama on the content." 


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