Wednesday, 3 April 2013

      2 With Gang Ties Sought in CO Prison Chief Death

Powers researching the passing of Colorado's detainment facilities head advised law requirement officers Wednesday to be watchful for two known cohorts of a white supremacist jail group.

James Lohr, 47, and Thomas Guolee, 31, aren't being brought suspects in the passing of Colorado Department of Corrections head Tom Clements, however their names have surfaced throughout the examination, El Paso County sheriff's Lt. Jeff Kramer stated. He wouldn't expand.

An officer security announcement noticing the two was conveyed Wednesday. Kramer stated Lohr and Guolee are known copartners of the 211 Crew. That is the same posse whose parts incorporated Evan Ebel, who is a suspect in the passing of Clements on March 19 and of Nathan Leon, a pizza deliveryman, two days previous.

Ebel was executed in a shootout with Texas powers after the passings. Specialists have stated the weapon Ebel utilized as a part of the shootout was likewise used to slaughter Clements when the detainment facilities head addressed the front entryway of his home.

Ebel is the main suspect that specialists have named in Clements' expiration, yet they haven't given an incentive. They have stated they're investigating his association with the posse he joined while in jail, and if that was joined with the ambush.

"Specialists are checking out a mess of distinctive plausible outcomes. We are not venturing out and stating its a hit or its not a hit. We're taking a gander whatsoever conceivable causes," Kramer stated Wendesday.

Sheriff's specialists stated they don't have a clue the whereabouts of Lohr and Guolee or assuming that they are as one, yet Kramer stated its plausible one or both of them could be headed to Nevada or Texas.

Both are needed on warrants irrelevant to Clements' demise, and powers accept they are equipped and perilous.

Guolee is a parolee who served time for threatening a witness and giving a pawnbroker false informative content, right around different charges, court records show. Lohr was being searched on warrants out of Las Animas County for a safeguard violation and a violation of a security request, as per court records.

The 211 group is a standout amongst the most vicious white supremacist aggregates working in U.S. jails, consistent with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks fanatic aggregations. It was established in 1995 to secure white detainees from strike and works just in Colorado, as per the middle.

Ebel joined the 211 Crew after he dropped in jail in 2005 for a string of strike and threatening charges that joined together for an eight-year sentence. He was expected to use an added four years in jail for punching a jail officer in the front side in 2006, yet an administrative slip advanced that sentence to be recorded as one to be served at the same time with his past sentences.

He was discharged on parole Jan. 28.

Records demonstrate that the merchant managing the electronic following wristband that Ebel wore noted a "tamper caution" March 14. Redresses authorities left a note for Ebel letting him know to report in two days and have the wristband repaired, records demonstrate.

The following day, outside of the norm since his discharge, Ebel did not bring in for his every day telephone check-in.

On March 16, he missed his arrangement to repair the wristband. Just on this day do the records show that a note was made in the revisions framework that he could not appear.

By then, Leon, a father of three, was shot and murdered in the wake of noting a call for a pizza at a Denver truck stop.


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