Monday, 26 August 2013

Sonia Gandhi takes ill during Lok Sabha debate, rushed to AIIMS

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday night conceded to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for an examination and was under perception in the emergency unit the healing center in New Delhi. 

Gandhi, who has been leading the UPA's aspiring nourishment security bill, left the Lok Sabha while the voting was underway on Monday night on different revisions moved by 

the Opposition. 

She was seen leaving Parliament at 8.15 pm, being aided by Union pastor Kumari Selja. Her offspring and Congress VP Rahul Gandhi additionally went hand in hand with her. 

She had viral fever since Sunday night and specialists analyzed her at her home, sources said. 

Prior in the day, Gandhi headed the gathering in the civil argument on the milestone bill portraying it as an allot to wipe yearning from the nation. 

Pronouncing Congress' objective to "wipeout appetite and hunger", she asked all political gatherings to set aside contrasts and help the bill with the intention that a "huge message" could be conveyed about India's abilities. 

Opening the Congress innings on the civil argument in Lok Sabha on sustenance bill, she denied inquiries over if the nation had assets to execute the milestone measure. 

"The time it now, opportunity to convey a huge message that India can assume ownership guaranteeing nourishment security for all Indians, our objective is to wipe out craving and ailing health everywhere throughout the nation," Gandhi said about her pet program. 


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