Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Miley Cyrus and Kanye West Reportedly Team for "Black Skinhead" Remix

Miley Cyrus made a genuinely huge affect on all who saw her disputable execution at the 2013 MTV Vmas. Which was, let's face it, every living soul in the whole planet. Provided that you weren't viewing nearby the dismayed superstar group of onlookers (we can't quit picturing Drake's pitiful small face), you've most likely been submerged with memes and gifs and unending, silly twerking references. 

The point when did twerking turn into a thing? Why is it still a thing? Inquiries which should, for the time being, remain unanswered. In light of the fact that we're not here to discuss what Miley did AT the Vmas. We're here to discuss what she did AFTER the Vmas. As in, her reported top-mystery gathering with... Kanye West. 

Wow yes. Yeezy, maybe the main individual overcome enough to undertake Miley one-on-one afterseeing what she did to Robin Thicke, evidently got together with the We Can't Stop vocalist and took her to a recording studio, so the pair could get down to business and begin recording a remix EP of BLKKK SKKN HEAD together. 

Hmmm. There aren't any pictures to affirm this equitable yet, however we've kind of had a go at envisioning how it looked. Furthermore MTV's sources say the coordinated effort is "top-mystery", so its dubious we'll hear anything about it - provided that it IS accurate - until the tune is discharged in any case. 

Theory about the rumoured two part harmony started circling when Kanye was one of the few craftsmen nonattendant at the Jay Z/diddy Vmas after-gathering in New York. When its all said and done, they are two of his bezzy-mates. Also what else does Kanye need to top off his extra time other than gatherings and cryptic joint efforts with Miley Cyrus, eh? It's not as his sweetheart simply had a child or anyth... 

Wow. Goodness definitely. Actually, there's an alternate conceivability, eh? 

Fingers crossed that Miley, provided that she did take off to make some music with Yeezy, threw a cover on, or, regardless, the skin of an alternate newly butchered teddy-bear first. We're not entirely certain that tight PVC is favorable to innovative sticking sessions..


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