Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pretty Little Liars Finale: Can You Believe [Spoiler!] is A?! Plus, Sasha Pieterse Teases Twin Theories and What’s Ahead!

Cautioning: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead from Tuesday night's summer finale of Pretty Little Liars! Read at your own particular hazard. 

Wow my gosh! What?! No way! Did you see that?! Blessed freakin' poop! 

We've recently completed the process of viewing the middle of the year finale of Pretty Little Liars and in the wake of passing out for a robust three minutes from immaculate, unadulterated stun, we're back and primed to talk over that psyche blowing scene! 

In addition, to help clear up any perplexity you might have, we've caught select portions from Sasha Pieterse about Ali's destiny, the "can't-miss" Halloween uncommon and what's heading up in the second 50% of season four. 

Wow and for all you pretty small book significant others out there, we made a point to inquire as to whether the name Courtney Dilaurentis means anything to her—and you'll never conjecture what she said! 

Alright, we recently need to shout this at this moment: Ezra (Ian Harding) is A?! Not going to mislead anybody, our heads are turning and we're as of now having trouble transforming this news. In the wake of pursuing not one, however two Red Coats, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) headed the liars into An's official nest. (Also discussing Red Coat, Cecedrake very nearly burned out and we've got solid suspicions that the other Lady Red is Ali. Insane, right?!) 

From the goliath pictures of Ali put on the dividers to a super high-tech PC overseeing framework and frightening timetables emphasizing every last character, it would seem that this ultra-nest is unmistakably the genuine article. The young ladies sorted a percentage of the riddle out and understood that An is really a man and undoubtedly he's "Board–shorts," the gentleman that Ali was catching with the hot time of year she vanished. 

So why do we feel that our sweet, Aria-adoring Ezra is "Board-shorts" you ask? In the precise a minute ago of the scene, a man in a dark hoodie stormed into the refuge. He turned around and we saw exceptional ole Mr. Fitz, wearing a dark baseball top and obviously ultra-pissed that our fab foursome had attacked his mystery space.


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