Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says Apple is doomed without Steve Jobs

Never one to expect to remember the saying about what to do in the event that you have nothing superb to say, Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison made it clear he supposes Apple is lost without prime supporter Steve Jobs. 

In a meeting to be show Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," Ellison made his comments about Jobs and Apple to Charlie Rose. 

Ellison and Jobs were close companions. Throughout a protracted question outside Ellison's Silicon Valley home, Rose inevitably raises the subject of the late Jobs and what Ellison accepts will happen to Apple.  

"We should discuss Steve Jobs," Rose says, consistent with a transcript. "What is it about him? You --we distinguish the way that he adored Apple and he needed to make Apple incredible and he did. However what was it about him that empowered him to do it, other than he buckled down?" 

Ellison reacts: "He was --he was bright. That is to say, our Edison. He was our Picasso. He was a fantastic creator." 

Rose then asks: "So what happens to Apple without Steve?" 

"That being said, we as of recently know," Ellison says. 

"What?" Rose asks. 

"We saw --we led the test," Ellison demonstrates, clearly alluding to the period in the 1980s and '90s when Jobs was not with the organization. That is to say, its been carried out." 

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," says Ellison as he circular segments his finger high into the air. 

"We saw Apple without Steve Jobs," Ellison keeps, bringing down the finger. 

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," he says, raising the finger once more. 

"Notwithstanding, we're gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs," he says, keeping the finger buzzing around for a couple of beats before dropping it once more. 


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