Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Neil Armstrong RIP? – quiz on who's alive and who's dead

Neil Armstrong RIP? – test on who's full of vibrancy and who's dead 

News of Neil Armstrong's death has oddly refinished on social media. Anyway would you be able to say for certain which of these eminent figures are animated and which are dead? 

Despite the fact that Neil Armstrong expired a year prior this month, RIP messages perplexingly circulated around the web on the web today, numerous individuals apparently unconscious that the outer-space man's demise was not news. As large groups well-known figures before him, Armstrong appears to be part of a select gathering of striking individuals who have a hazy basic status. 

How beyond any doubt would you say you are of who's still in the place that is known for the living? Perceive how you do in our quiz.


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