Saturday, 10 August 2013

Alleged Wife Killer Charged After Apparent Facebook Confession

A Miami man who utilized his Facebook page to post a photo of what he said was his wife's dead form, as well as an articulation that he had executed her, shot his wife after police said she started punching him. 

Derek Medina, 31, was accused of first-degree homicide late Thursday after he used the nighttime uncovering to police parts of what headed him to supposedly fire different adjusts into his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, 26, consistent with a capture sworn statement discharged today. 

He has not entered a supplication and an attorney has not been named. 

The couple had a verbal question around 10 a.m. Thursday, at which indicate police said Medina let them know he sharp his gun at Alfonso. She then strolled far from the contention, the testimony said, and gave back a couple of minutes after the fact to tell Medina she was abandoning him. 

Medina said he accompanied his wife into the kitchen to defy her, at which indicate she started punching him, as per the testimony. Police said Medina let them know he then went upstairs, snatched his firearm at the end of the day, and held it in his right hand as he strolled ground floor to Alfonso, who reacted by getting a blade. 

Medina snatched the blade and put it in a drawer, consistent with the affirmation, at which indicate Alfonso started punching him, inciting Medina to purportedly discharge numerous shots into his wife. 

A photograph of a lady in a dark outfit, drooped over counter directionally in the kitchen with guilt on her left arm and face was posted on Medina's Facebook page around the time of the shooting, on top of the clear admission. 

"I'm set to jail or capital punishment for murdering my wife adore you folks miss you all fare thee well Facebook individuals you will see me in the news my wife was punching me and I am not running to stand anymore with the ill-use so I did what I did I trust u comprehend me," the post on Medina's Facebook page said. 

Companions answered to the post in dismay and asked Medina what had happened. 

His Facebook profile was uprooted in the ballpark of five hours after the shooting, consistent with ABC News' Miami associate WPLG-TV. 

Powers have declined to talk over the Facebook postings or say if Medina made them. 

After Medina slaughtered his wife, consistent with the sworn statement, he altered his garments and headed off to his family's home to admit before he headed off to the South Miami police headquarters and told the individual working the front bureau that he had shot her. 

Medina was taken into care after police discovered Alfonso's slug riddled figure in the kitchen range, consistent with the sworn statement. 

Alfonso's 10-year-old girl from a past relationship was at the home with her mother's physique and was unharmed, as per police, who rapidly escorted her out of the home. 

Medina's occupation was recorded as property administrator on the capture affirmation, however his Facebook page likewise recorded him as a performing artist on USA Network's show "Burn Notice." He apparently showed up as an additional on one scene of the show. 

Medina appeared to impart his existence candidly online and presented motion pictures on his Youtube channel of his kicking a punching sack, cruising and singing the tune "Ain't No Sunshine." 

He additionally wrote six e-books on deep sense of being and self improvement themes, which he touted on his Youtube channel and on his site. Around the agenda of indulgent titles is, "How I Saved Someone's Life And Marriage And Family Problems Thru Communication." 

A rundown on his site said, "this book is an incredible book to study how to make your marriage and association with others better by comprehension the significance of life and the reason for living and being there for friends and family." 


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