Saturday, 27 July 2013

          Johnson vs. Moraga fight predictions

Jake Ellenberger supposes he has won the fight against Rory Macdonald in the development to their battle on this evening's UFC on Fox 8 card in Seattle. 

Presently now is the ideal time to win the war. 

Ellenberger has gone far past anything he has done before regarding waste talking as his battle against individual welterweight contender Macdonald methodologies, and there are signs it may be attempting further bolstering his good fortune. 

Ellenberger, 28, said at Thursday's news meeting that when he and Macdonald were in the same room, Macdonald deflected his look and looked down. 

"I do, beyond any doubt (suppose I've gotten in his mind)," Ellenberger said. "I suppose individuals consider things excessively important. I've done that a considerable measure of my vocation. I've been in the military, so a ton of my existence is strictly in preparing. You may simultaneously revel in it. We're as of now set to battle. If I say something or not, we're even now set to battle. Furthermore I gotta perform, which is precisely what I'm anticipating." 

Much of Ellenberger's work has been carried out on Twitter. 

"Rory: Welcome to "Chez' Ellenberger". Today evening time's unique is CANVAS SANDWICHES served FACE DOWN. Bon' appetit," read one post. 

"Rory Macdonald: some individual who's been broken a greater number of times than the weekend time limitation at the quarters at Vassar," he tweeted on an additional day. 

Ellenberger likewise posted a message updating Macdonald that Sam's Club was having an uncommon on strained peas in the middle of every last one of references to his sweater vests. 

At that point there was this. 

"Mcdummy. Awful News: Fighting Me. Great News: Handicapped Parking." 

It appeared Macdonald had at long last had enough, so the 24-year-old Canadian at last let go back. 

"4some1 with such a week jaw u beyond any doubt utilization it alot 2 talk (swearword) when ur done buildin ur self up sick b there 2send u back 2reality," Macdonald posted, arousing Ellenberger to react with a snarky post about the abuse of the statement "week." 

Along these lines the fight went, with Ellenberger domineeringly following Macdonald at each chance, incorporating on a meeting call a week ago. 

"I haven't said anything that wasn't correct, and my message to Rory is really clear," Ellenberger said. "For him to begin tasting a few characters of toddler nourishment and get which ones you like and stock up, on the grounds that this isn't the Tears for Fears resemble the other apparently equivalent challenge. All I said to him was get ready for some flat TV time, and I would not joke about this." 

As stimulating as the verbal and composed warfare has been, the battle is relied upon to be better. Ellenberger and Macdonald are two of the most unstable contenders in the division and have been on a tear of late. 

Ellenberger has won two consecutively and eight of nine, incorporating a first-round knockout of previous Strikeforce champion Nate Marquardt in March. Macdonald has won four straight since the main misfortune of his vocation, a last-moment knockout via Carlos Condit in a battle Macdonald was winning. 

The victor great could be in position to get the following shot at the 170-pound sash, supposed its indistinct if Macdonald might acknowledge that battle if Georges St. Pierre, his companion and preparing accomplice, still has the title. 

Ellenberger doesn't think the issue will come up. He supposes the buildup around Macdonald has not been earned and plans on putting a stop to it. 

"He has been created by the media and sold to the fans like another Justin Bieber melody," Ellenberger said. 

The session is part of a card that show live on Fox (Cable 5) at 5 p.m. 

Demetrious Johnson safeguards his flyweight title against John Moraga in the principle occasion. 

Likewise, Liz Carmouche will battle Jessica Andrade in a ladies' session that is generally important as the first battle between unashamedly gay contenders in UFC history. 

Six battles from the preparatory card will air live on Facebook at 1 p.m.


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