Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fan slaps Beyonce on behind in Copenhagen, and she's not happy

A fan slapped Beyonce on the behind at a Denmark show this weekend. 

Also Queen B, as of now on her Mrs. Carter Show planet tour, wasn't excessively euphoric about it, giving him a minor measurements of what its get a kick out of the chance to outrage her adjust personality, Sasha Fierce. 

Throughout her Monday exhibition of "Irreplaceable" at Copenhagen's Forum venue, the pop diva, wearing a stun bodysuit, strolled to the edge of the stage to welcome fans and stake the mic so they could chime in. As she shook hands with a couple of show goers, one avid male fan gave her a minor love tap on the derriere as she strolled away. Anyhow Bey wasn't having it. 

"I will have you escorted out at this time, Ok?" she chided the gentleman, as seen and caught in footage on Youtube. At that point she sashayed away and kept singing. 

The 31-year-old may be "Bootylicious" however that "jam" isn't for anybody also spouse Jay-Z to acknowledge in a material way. 


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