Monday, 27 May 2013


Amanda Bynes says she is wanting to unleash a hailstorm of claims against the Nypd and her room complex ... onto every part of her capture prior a week ago ... additionally as she puts it, her "mixed up capture." 

Bynes only went on an additional brilliant Twitter frenzy, platitude she plans to record a claim against the Nypd for: 

--"Illegally entering my room" 

--"Lying about pills on me" 

--"Lying about me tampering with non existent drug stuff" 

--"Being put into a mental doctor's facility against my will" 

--"Then bolted up overnight for getting back after a facial and working out with my coach such as the exceptional young lady that I am." 

Bynes likewise cases she's sensitive to medications and liquor and is "pleased to not be a medication or liquor client." 

She finished up by colloquialism, "I'm free everlastingly! You can't bolt up a pure individual! A debt of gratitude is in order regarding minding! Anticipate seeing me in music movies! I'm getting fit as a fiddle and getting a nose work! I'm anticipating a long and radiant profession as a singer/rapper!" 


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